Company Overview

  ICE Bioscience established in 2010, an Advent portfolio company is a leading life sciences research and development organization that provides biopharmaceutical clients and partners with widespread and specific drug discovery and development services. ICE Bioscience is specialized in delivering pre-clinical research solutions in the field of cell line development, protein extension and target-based drug screening on various druggable targets with a particular emphasis on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. The company also focusses on QT prolongation related cardiac safety evaluation services.

The company has established adaptable drug screening platform for more than 80 Ion channels, 80 GPCRs , 400 kinase targets and 40 nuclear receptors. We provide professional drug target screening  and off target panel for early stage safety evaluation. The company has established full ex vivo cardiac safety assessment panel for pro Arrhythmia .The company has also established numerous disease related animal model of Central Nervous (Pain/ Neurodegeneration disease (AD/PD)/ Epilepsy models) and Cardiovascular system (arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, heart failure) in order to provide specific drug targets for new drug research and development (R&D) services.

The founders of the company have distinguished expertise with many years of international work experience and exposure. They and their team is committed in providing efficient and professional services to help new drug research and development to promote new drug R&D projects quickly and effectively.

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