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2020-08-07 10:32:55 ICE BIOSENCE INC. Read

Dr. Yingjie Li, founder of ICE Bioscience INC. attended the annual meeting of Safety Pharmacology Society 2019, held in Barcelona. The Safety Pharmacology Society is a nonprofit organization that promotes knowledge development application and training in safety pharmacology - a distinct scientific discipline that integrates the best practices of pharmacology, physiology and toxicology. Safety pharmacology studies are to investigate the potential undesirable pharmacodynamic effects of a substance on the physiological functions in relation to the exposure in the therapeutic range and above.

ICE Bioscience,  the professional Ion Channel contract research and development service organization devoted to new drug research services for the central nervous system and cardiovascular system with an expertise in electrophysiological research in China. It’s highly qualified team of scientists carries preclinical research solutions in the area of protein expression, cell line development and target screening on ion channels particularly on neuron system and cardio vascular system. The company has developed the diverse heart and nervous system discovery pharmacology platforms. For example, pain, epilepsy, depression and other drug discovery models. In the annual meeting ICE was allotted stall number 802 and shared the services offered by company. It was a great experience to meet the well-known scientists in the field of the Safety Pharmacology and to promote the products and services internationally.