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A Talk by Prof. George Chandy (May, 2019)

2020-08-18 17:09:32 ICE BIOSENCE INC. Read

Professor George Chandy, Professor of Molecular Physiology at Nanyang Technological University Singapore.  His research interest is to explore the role of Potassium ion channel pathway in the treatment of immune system disorder and has published several publications in leading journals such as Nature, Science and Journal of Clinical Survey. Professor George Chandy's discovery of KV1.3 channel blockers has completed clinical Phase I B trials and has a variety of small molecules development in the pipelines that regulate immune system diseases.


There is a "valley of death" between academic research and clinical Phase I trials, which often utilizes a lot of promising findings. The goal of Professor George Chandy and his team is to bridge this valley of death. To achieve this goal, they are establishing transformational research programs focused on potassium pathway-targeted therapy for autoimmune, vascular fibrosis, and infectious diseases.


ICE Bioscience, the first contract research and development service organization specialized in electrophysiological research in China, dedicated to new drug research services for the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. ICE Biosciences,  invited Professor George Chandy to share his knowledge and research work with our colleagues. He honored us by accepting our invitation and on Monday 28th May, 2019at 10.00am (CST) he delivered a lecture and discussed the development of ion channels and shared his own research work. The audience benefited from the lecture and expecting more visits from Professor George.



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