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  1. In Vitro  Cardiovascular System Pharmacology
  2. In Vitro  Cardiovascular System Pharmacology

In Vitro Cardiovascular System Pharmacology

Study focused on the anti arrhythmic effect of drugs and their mechanism of action.

  1. Detailed information

ICE Bioscience has estabilshed  a platform to investigate the role of the drugs in vitro on the cardiovascular system. 

Papillary muscle/Purkinje fiber action potential measurement

Langendorff Cardiac Perfusion

Heart isolation and cardiomyocyte culture from adult rat/guinea pig/rabbit/dog

Myocardial cells action potential and various ion channel patch clamp.

Case 1: Primary myocardial cell separation and electrophysiological recordings.


Case 2: Langendorff Perfusion method of myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury.